[ About Me ]

[ Game design, Testing, and Support ]

Hello, I’m Rafael or Ralph! I was born in the Bronx New York and largely raised within South West Florida. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be involved in game development and began to make board and card games to play with friends. From as early as elementary and middle school, I began to tinker with digital games, developing 2D platformers and fan games. I would later go on to learn 3D tools such as Unity, Maya, and 3DS Max, and study game design at Full Sail University in Orlando. Currently, I work as a contract consumer support supervisor and tool tester with Nintendo. I truly believe in the power that games have as a new medium to create art and emotion, and am committed to growing as a designer! In my free time, I enjoy playing many style of games, enjoying animation, and tackling side projects to help learn new skills. My favorite game is Mother 3.


[ Employment and Skills ]


Consumer Support Supervisor and Tester


I was hired on initially at Nintendo through Aerotek as QA testing associate in 2016. I predominantly tested 3DS software, paying particular attention to localized text and assets across regions.

As consumer demand grew during the holiday season, I was shifted over to the consumer support team, where I soon became a supervisor. This role largely involves making note of consumer feedback, handling exceptions, and assisting in the growth of Tier 1 agents.  Because of my testing background and familiarity with the Consumer Support tools, I am regularly pulled to test internal tools for the department.


Game Tester


I began work at Big Fish in the interim time between my Nintendo contracts. Big Fish was planning to launch a new premium service across the iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire App Stores, and needed high quality software to be ready to launch cross-platform alongside the service. 

An emphasis here was placed upon maintaining consistent performance across multiple devices to ensure compatibility. I worked closely with the producers and developers of each title to create and run test cases in order to ensure a stable launch.


Game Design/ Programming


Time Mage was the team with which I developed Sample Y3K, my capstone project at Full Sail University. The project was developed Unity, written primarily in C# and JS. The project was made with a team of four within the course of three months. Sample Y3K was designed as a tower defense game with a third person perspective, making use of third person shooter mechanics. I was tasked with writing much of the gameplay programming and level design. I was also responsible for creating many 3D and UI assets using tools like Photoshop, Maya, and Mudbox.



[and programming]

During my work, I have been able to learn how to make use of multiple software tools. Tools and languages, I’ve used include but are not limited to: Unity 5, C#, C++, JS, Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Perforce, Jira, Jenkins, Testrail, and Game Maker Studio. I’ve also used online collaborative tools like Google docs, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype. I am also IC3 certified in Microsoft Office Applications.

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Feel free to review my resume, and contact me if you have any questions!